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Innovations changing the industry. Shower solutions for marble, porcelain, and natural stone

If your fine stone installation is showing signs of deterioration like this, prompting you to search for a shower solution, you’ve come to the right place!


The reality is that water infiltration or saturation is inevitable. Regardless of the skill of the original installer, or the quality of the materials or design, settling of the building causes microfissures that allow moisture to penetrate and do damage.


TERSO MR®’s permanent shower solution methods resolve and prevent these damaging water issues, preserving the longevity and beauty of your premium shower and bathroom.


For years, the standard industry response to homeowners’ despair about the inevitable creep of mold, mildew, staining and leaks, was “rip it all out.” 


But we weren’t satisfied with just giving up!


Marble and other stones are precious — a limited resource with long-term value—and a gorgeous addition to your home.


So we created a new, MORE EFFECTIVE APPROACH for marble shower repair and restoration. (And it works on stone and porcelain too!) 


We realized that what was happening was what we call Waterlogged Showers.™


This refers to a whole array of issues associated with marble, stone and porcelain shower deterioration, including:

  • Discoloring of the marble itself

  • Blackening and discoloring of the grout

  • Mold and mildew growth and smell

  • Separation of the grout from the tile, and associated leaks

Our unique process goes below the marble itself — with zero-to-minimal demolition — to dry, clean, repair, support, and re-seal the whole shower, floor or other installation. Curious about Waterlogged Showers? Read a case study here.

Restore your luxurious shower to its original beauty!

Below are 3 of the most-common solutions packages—but since each installation is unique, we always customize to your situation and needs.

Restore your luxurious shower to its original beauty!

"Just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing job!  Not only did you solve a big problem for me, but the whole process was so smooth and easy and clean..."

LEA C. - Manhattan, NYC

We provide warranties for your completed prestige shower systems & repaired shower leaks


All Showers Must be Water-Resistant!

7 Ways TERSO MR® shower solutions help you avoid stress!

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