1. Do I have to make a buying decision or compromise to buy your services during the consultation or estimate visit?

The purpose of a consultation is for the client to express their questions and concerns in regards to a service. During a consultation we will inspect thoroughly your Waterlogged Shower™ and any other issues with natural stone, marble and porcelain.
TERSO MR® model is to properly inform and educate homeowners to make a decision. We recommended to improve, further preserve showers and other concerning structures by using our methods and solutions.

2. How soon after a consultation will I receive an estimate?

Estimates can take up to 5 days after consultation sent via email or USPS. Each estimate is personalized depending on the customer's needs; whether we are serving a Waterlogged Shower™ and or preserving marble, natural stone and porcelain.

3. How messy is the preservation repair process?

Our process is meticulous and pristine carefully eliminates debris during the preservation repair process.

4. How often do I have to repair a Waterlogged Shower™?

Our proven processes ensure that Waterlogged Shower™ will be a one-time investment. For cleaning purposes use our Surface Care instructions. Two or three years after a process repaired is completed we recommend using our Preserve System.

5. After repairs are completed, when can I start using the shower?

Showers can be used 24 hours after our Solution Phases Process and or any of our recommended solution packages are completed.

6. Do I need the Preventive system for brand new showers?

For brand new showers we strongly recommend our preventive package. Our proactive solutions will stop water pollution and impurities that may lead to a Waterlogged Shower™.

7. How often do I need to use TERSO MR®’s Preserve System?

We recommend our Shower’s Superficial Treatment every two or three years, depending on the homeowner's lifestyle and cleaning methods. Avoid citrus spills on marble that will cause surface etch marks such as wine, orange juice and tomato paste. Instead, use a coaster, placemat or a food tray. There is no sealer that will prevent surface etch marks caused by citrus spills, after our extensive restoration or preservation process. Request our Superficial Stone Care Recommendations.

8. How often do I need to use TERSO MR® 's Reinforce System?

TERSO MR® permanently transforms new or existing marble, natural stone, porcelain, tiles, grout and slabs. Our solution system preserves floors and walls long term. Also, our non-invasive solutions will not require to remove tiles or need a demolition. We use a structural-borne sound test followed by our epoxy injection system. The following process is to stabilize any loose or broken slabs, tiles and grout with our unique methods. Damaged grout is properly removed. New grout is applied using our precise technique to avoid future hollow or missing grout. After all of these repairs are completed, it will be a one-time investment. Fundamental to preserve the integrity of marble, natural stone, porcelain shower, floor, and wall.

9. Do I need the items from the Beautify System?

We offer exclusive stone preservation services. We provide our clients premium options depending on the kind of stone finish, stone type and architectural applications. We replicate the premium original factory finishes on marble and granite. Items on the Beautify Systems list are more for aesthetics.

10. Are your solution systems satisfaction guaranteed?

We Guarantee our Prestige solution systems: Essential for Waterlogged Shower™ and the Preventive for New Showers. Your showers will still need superficial service for which we recommend our Preserve shower surface treatment. All of the other Personalized solution systems such as the Reinforce and Beautify were developed to get out of your new or existing materials the maximum elegance and durability. TERSO MR® will address the current structural movement in the shower floor perimeters and corners. Based on experience once showers have completely settled, our systems permanently neutralize the ongoing structural settling damage. We can only guarantee our service satisfaction to the structure we completely fixed. However, overtime other structural parts may eventually need repairs. It is essential to maintain the shower by purifying and applying sealer every two to three years to preserve the shower’s surface. We cannot guarantee the surface upkeep as it will depend upon the homeowner’s lifestyle, surface wear and tear as well as cleaning routine. Our current clients enjoy doing business with us.They are ongoing supporters by referring friends and family to our services, and solutions; by establishing long-lasting relationships.

11. How long does it take to complete your Prestige solution systems for showers?

The Essential system for Waterlogged Shower™ requires a drying prior and during the process, time to complete will depend on the severity of the damage, size and design of the structure which can take one to two weeks to complete in between phases. The Preventive system for new showers, once again not all shower structures are designed the same, brand new showers are not Waterlogged Shower™ (water-saturated) which does not require drying time. The process can take up to a week to complete in between phases.
The Preserve system can take one to two days to complete.

12. How long does it take to complete your Personalized solution systems?

The Reinforce system completion time will depend on the scope of work. The Beautify system completion time will depend on the scope of work. The completion time frame for either system is determined once the structure has been carefully evaluated on a case by case basis, noted on each written estimate issued.