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  • 1. Do I have to make a buying decision or commit to buy your services at the consultation or estimate visit?
    No. there is no sales pitch, and no buying obligation for the consultation. The purpose of the onsite visit is to review the materials in question, and to make sure our established solutions will help you resolve the problem. What you learn from the consultation will be of great value to you whether you need our solutions now, or sometime in the future. Shower-Related Consultations: During a consultation, we will thoroughly inspect your Waterlogged Shower™ and any other issues you may be having with natural stone, marble, and porcelain in the shower area. We will very hard to present you with solutions that will improve the new or existing marble materials, because we know you’re counting on us. To provide you with sound advice and results. Your local, trusted, building professional may have already referred us to you. In that case, they believe that and our solutions are a good investment that will resolve and/or add value to your new or existing stone, marble, or porcelain materials. Our approach at TERSO MR® is to inform and educate homeowners to make an a properly informed decision. We focus on establishing trust and successful, long-term relationships with savy homeowners and respected building professionals, providing a unique experience and results that you will not find anywhere else in the marble industry.
  • 2. How soon after the consultation will I receive an estimate?
    Estimates can take up to 5 days after the consultation, and are sent either via email or USPS. Each estimate is personalized according to the customer's needs, whether we are serving a Waterlogged Shower™ and/or preserving marble, natural stone, and porcelain.
  • 3. How messy is your repair process?
    Our process is meticulous and pristine. At TERSO MR® we are accustomed to implementing our process in luxurious surroundings; it does not involve demolition, and there is no reconstruction mess.
  • 4. Why do I need TERSO MR® for Shower Solutions?
    According to plumbing code, all showers that follow the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) industry requirements and installation recommendations are waterproofed under the stone or porcelain. The joints or corner perimeters of showers, however, are NOT water-resistant after the shower enclosure naturally settles. Water infiltration under the tiles is beyond the control of the installation artisans. All professionals who are familiar with our shower solutions will recommend that you invest in protection for your new or existing showers, to preserve them for years to come!
  • 5. Why do I need to protect my brand-new stone or porcelain showers?
    The minute you start using your new shower, water begins to infiltrate. Water infiltration through the materials itself does not occur; rather, water finds its way under tiles through moving parts, such as micro-fissures on grout, corner joints, glass enclosure perimeter, etc. The shower may show discoloration, and in the long term, become a Waterlogged Shower™. You can prevent this by using our PREVENTIVE System to Protect Your New Shower. Our proactive solutions will stop water pollution and impurities from getting behind the tiles.
  • 6. Why is my brand-new marble or stone shower showing discoloration?
    When water infiltration occurs, the stone becomes saturated and shows through; this can only be resolved with our ESSENTIAL System to Repair & Protect Your Shower. Beware: Using manufactured tile materials to resolve discoloration will only hide water infiltration; just because it’s not visible, does not mean water is not infiltrating behind the tiles. Our proven processes ensure that Waterlogged Shower™ repair solutions are a one-time investment. For cleaning purposes use our Surface Care instructions. Every two years after the initial repair process, we recommend using our Preserve System.
  • 7. Why does my shower smell? Why do mildew and calcium on grout never seem to go away, no matter how hard I try?"
    Your shower has become what we call a “Waterlogged Shower™, resulting from long-term water and impurity infiltration behind the tiles. The solution available is our ESSENTIAL System to Repair & Protect Your Shower. Our proven processes ensure that Waterlogged Shower™ repair solutions are a one-time investment. For cleaning purposes use our Surface Care instructions. Every two years after the initial repair process, we recommend using our Preserve System.
  • 8. Why do I have loose, broken, and stained marble in my shower?"
    Waterlogged Shower™, or water infiltration behind tiles, can be the cause. This issue can be resolved by adequately repairing cracks or methodically extracting the damaged pieces and replacing them with similar ones. Followed by our ESSENTIAL System to Repair & Protect Your Shower, this will ensure no more water damage occurs. Our proven processes ensure that Waterlogged Shower™ repair solutions are a one-time investment. For cleaning purposes use our Surface Care instructions. Every two years after the initial repair process, we recommend using our Preserve System.
  • 9. I have a shower leak (unrelated to plumbing); no one can seem to resolve it?!
    The cause of the leak can be water overflowing, outside the protective barrier, leading to Waterlogged Shower™. Once water saturates the base, it can wick out of the shower enclosure. Once you confirm those are not plumbing-related leaks, our solution can help to resolve the leak. See our Shower Leaks-Warranty.
  • 10. When can I start using my shower after repairs are completed?
    Showers can be used 24 hours after our Solution Phases Process, or any of our recommended solution packages, are completed.
  • 11. Are your Shower Solution Systems' satisfaction guaranteed?
    We Guarantee: Essential System for Waterlogged Shower™ and Preventive System for New Showers. Your showers will still need external service, for which we recommend our Preserve shower surface treatment for every two years. TERSO MR® will address the current structural movement in the shower floor perimeters and corners. Based on our experience, once showers have settled, our systems permanently neutralize the ongoing structural settling damage. We can only guarantee our service to the structure repaired. However, over time other structural parts may eventually need repairs. It is essential to maintain the shower by purifying and applying sealer every two years to preserve its surface. See Prestige Solution Systems Showers warranty. We cannot guarantee the surface upkeep as it will depend upon the homeowner's lifestyle, surface wear and tear, and cleaning routine. All of the other Personalized solution systems, such as Reinforce and Beautify systems, were developed to get the maximum elegance and durability from your new or existing materials. Our current clients enjoy doing business with us. They frequently become ongoing supporters who refer friends and family to our services and solutions because we emphasize service and ; establishing long-lasting relationships.
  • 12. How long does it take to complete your Essential, Preventive, or Preserve shower solution systems?"
    The Essential system for Waterlogged Shower™ requires drying prior to and during processing; the time needed to complete this will depend on the severity of the damage, size, and design of the structure, but can take one to two weeks to complete in between phases. Once you approve, if necessary, we place fans and or small dehumidifiers to help draw out the trapped moisture. The Preventive system for new showers, once again, not all shower structures are designed the same. Brand new showers that have not been used yet are not Waterlogged Shower™ (water-saturated), so do not require drying time. The process can take up to a week to complete in between phases. The maintenance Preserve system can take one to two days to complete, recommended for every two years once Essential or Preventive has been implemented. Whether you choose Essential or Preventive, both are long-term investments to protect and maintain the life cycle of your premium stone or porcelain showers.
  • 13. For shower maintenance, how often do I need to use TERSO MR® 's Preserve System?"
    For shower maintenance, we recommend our Preserve System every two years, depending on the homeowner's lifestyle and cleaning methods. Another benefit of regularly maintaining your showers: We thoroughly assess the structure during the Preserve service to ensure there has not been any additional movement on other parts of the shower. If we find any other structural movement, we can correct it at no extra cost. Our lifetime warranty only applies when you maintain your showers every two years after ESSENTIAL, PREVENTIVE repairs have been completed.
  • 14. How often do I need to use TERSO MR®'s Reinforce System?
    TERSO MR® permanently transforms new or existing marble, natural stone, porcelain, tiles, grout, and slabs. Our Reinforce System preserves floors and walls long term. Also, our solutions are non-invasive: no tiles need to be removed, and there is no demolition. We use a structural-borne sound test followed by our epoxy injection system. If we determine there’s a need to stabilize any loose or broken slabs, tiles, and grout, our unique methods make that possible. Damaged grout is removed correctly, and new grout is applied using our precise technique, to avoid future hollow or missing grout. Completing all of these repairs, is a one-time investment, fundamental to preserving the integrity of marble, natural stone, and porcelain showers, floors, and walls.
  • 15. Do I need the items from the Beautify System?
    We offer exclusive stone preservation services by providing our clients premium options depending on the stone finish, stone type, and architectural applications. We replicate the premium original factory finishes on marble and granite items on the Beautify Systems list are serve to enhance the design aesthetics for a more luxurious finish.
  • 16. How long does it take to complete your Personalized solution systems?
    For both the Reinforce and Beautify systems, completion time will depend on the scope of work. Carefully evaluated and needs assessed, we will provide a completion timeline on your written estimate.
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