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Join The Best Community in the Construction Industry

Welcome to TERSO MR® Community, a space we have created to connect the best professionals in the industry in NYC. 

We believe that organization and collaboration are key to a better transformation of the industry, we all play an important role in the best city in the world.



Founded in 2004, TERSO MR® takes pride in making a difference to impact the marble and porcelain industry. Together we bring research, development, and expertise in one brand. 


We strive to establish a connection with reputable professionals and homeowners determined to acquire genuine results. Our goal is to continue serving a well-respected community.



TERSO MR® has developed permanent solution systems to resolve and prevent water infiltration or saturation; we called it Waterlogged Showers™.  


Our solutions help to better and protect your clients new and existing premium marble, natural stone, or porcelain in showers and bathrooms.

Your clients can now invest in protecting their luxury showers against usual water damage by implementing Essential repairs or Preventive protection for new. The results will be water-resistant and more durable showers without reconstruction, with TERSO MR® assurance warranty.

We pride ourselves in providing the ultimate personalized support services to your most exclusive clients while establishing a lifetime relationship with you as a distinguished professional and or business.

To learn more about our shower solutions click the bottom below:


At TERSO MR®, we are changing those standards by making the showers water-resistant and more durable. To ensure all the water goes to the drain, not stagnate under the stone, porcelain, or leak outside the protective liner. 


Peace of mind for homeowners with TERSO MR® Shower assurance warranty!

All Showers Must Be Water-Resistant!

TERSO MR Stakeholders


You have nothing to lose. This is a great opportunity to bring the best of the best in NYC, now you will have the opportunity to connect with the best professional in the industry with the sole purpose to provide your distinguished clients a world-class experience when using natural stone or porcelain.

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