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TERSO MR® is a generous and caring brand, we trust our clients and the community we conduct business with. Investing in one-time essential shower repairs and protection may seem costly to you now, but in time we know will lead to more expensive stress and inconvenience. 


We know showers will continue to deteriorate if you do not properly repair and protect them now, especially the most utilized ones. We recommend you invest in the showers you use the most, later you can invest to protect in the less utilized ones. 


We are the brand specializing in providing essential repairs by resolving the most common, critical, and urgent problems found in your shower enclosures, making your shower enclosures water-resistant and more durable!


We advise you to focus on showers and bathrooms as these are the areas that will need our protective solutions the most. Nonetheless, other stone or porcelain structures can also benefit from our repair and protective solutions on a personalized basis.


1. We Can Provide Installment Billing 


Are you a homeowner seeking to prevent or resolve a Waterlogged Shower™? ​Your shower Essential repairs or Preventive protection can not wait, speak with your consultant representative about Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) 6 months payment in installments. 


We want you to know we are here for the long term, the relationship we establish today will be for a lifetime. As we do not sell or present unnecessary solutions, only the most crucial worth for you to invest in. We firmly believe your essential shower repairs and protection is the most vital investment you as a homeowner will make with TERSO MR®. Shower protection assurance you will not find anywhere else!


For your convenience and peace of mind!

2. No Need for Demolitions 

One of the first things that come to homeowner's minds when they have shower problems is reconstruction. With our process, you can give your materials a second chance by protecting the existing ones and save money by avoiding expensive remodeling.  Showers are not water-resistant however with our solutions we can help. Shower reconstruction will not resolve the frequent water infiltration in your shower, it will still not be water-resistant.


3. Stops Grout, Tiles from Cracking and Leaks (unrelated to plumbing)

TERSO MR® specializes in stopping the ongoing water damages in showers that prevent the grout and tiles from cracking. Already experiencing shower leaks? We will refer you to a Shower Leak Diagnosis professional to help you rule out any plumbing related issues before implementing our solution system.​ (​See our Leak Warranty Here)


Be cautious not to diagnose the problem like a leaking shower pan liner.

4. Reduces and Eliminates Mold and Mildew Growth in Shower

Fissures on marble, stone, and grout materials constantly absorbing water or moisture can lead to annoying, persistent mold and mildew growth on the surface.

5. Easy for Your In-house Personnel to Upkeep and Maintain

After our protection process, housekeeping personnel will invest less time trying to upkeep the material's surface. We will provide specific instructions for your house manager personnel on how to care for your new and or existing valuable marble and stone materials to make informed decisions


6. Retains and Improves Value

New or existing marble, stone, or porcelain materials will benefit from our long-term repairs and protection treatments. The materials will retain their integrity and authentic luxury. Most homeowners insurance will not cover water damages caused by wear and tear or lack of maintenance. At TERSO MR®, we will help protect your investment.​

7. Peace of mind, TERSO MR® offers a Lifetime Warranty on ESSENTIAL and PREVENTIVE shower solution systems

Request a consultation to evaluate your existing materials, and we will help plan for the solutions process. The final result will be a long-lasting structural and water-resistant shower protected by TERSO MR®.  Shower protection assurance you will not find anywhere else!

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Do you have any questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact one of our TERSO MR® Representatives. 

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