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A Waterlogged Shower Case

Updated: May 28, 2020

A Waterlogged Shower Case: The Hidden Problems

TERSO MR® helps to preserve shower structures by permanently reinforcing the structural shower movements. By creating a barrier to block impurities and water to prevent Waterlogged Shower™. Waterlogged Shower™ is the leading cause of stains, leaks and deterioration. Our initial service evaluation consists of identifying the weak points on a shower’s structure.

Waterlogged shower

Severe Waterlogged Marble Shower

The hidden saturated water and impurities destroying the most durable shower materials.

TERSO MR® assists by identifying, preventing and fixing future waterlogged in new and existing showers. Adding value, durability plus saving valuable resources.


The corner perimeters are weak point areas, cracked and unstable. The shower structure settles leading to a Waterlogged Shower™.


Marble tiles had been broken, shifted and detached due to saturated water with impurities.


Calcium and impurities clogged drain weep holes underneath substrate.


The trapped water pressure has broken the grout on the shower floor and marble threshold.


Plastic seal strips need replacement.


Water and moist has wicked up and spread farther outside through the substrate towards the bathroom’s floor (it is not visible on the surface).