Have you been wasting valuable resources trying to resolve the water infiltration problem in showers? Showers with never-ending water infiltration leave homeowners scrambling for solutions. You may also have a reconstructed shower in which water infiltration will persist unless you use a fiberglass shell to encapsulate it, which will still have seams that get moldy. You can also use porcelain tile to hide water infiltration; however, the problem will show broken, stale, and calcium build-up on seams.

Showers are not water-resistant; showers require proper independent repairs to resolve the water infiltration we call Waterlogged Showers™; followed by proper surface maintenance we recommend at least every two years.

See examples of the Waterlogged Shower™ problem:

Your showers are the most valuable space in the house, give them the proper attention and invest in appropriate repairs, which are a preferable alternative to reconstruction. At TERSO MR®, we present homeowners with solutions to shower damages independent of the materials or installation methods.

When it comes to protecting or salvaging the new or existing valuable shower structure it is not inexpensive; therefore, we advise investing in TERSO MR® shower solutions as reconstruction will only leave you with the same water infiltration. Based on our experience, most showers have minor or severe water saturation regardless of the type of materials or installation methods; the great news is that TERSO MR® will repair and protect your newly built or existing showers.

Learn more about TERSO MR® Essential shower repairs, Preventive for your new showers, and Preserve for maintenance.

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