We are personalizing premium solutions for each client's individual needs. Our solutions help better and protect your new or existing luxury marble, natural stone, or porcelain.


Stabilize, Reset Settling Tiles & Slabs

  • Fix loose or shifting tiles and slabs

  • Repair structure settling deteriorations 

  • Remove or replace broken and or missing grout

  • Reinforce and repair broken marble

  • Customize prepare grout applications

TERSO MR® permanently transforms new or existing marble, natural stone, porcelain, tiles, and slabs. Our solutions preserve floors and walls long term. Also, our non-invasive solutions will not require to remove tiles or need a demolition. We use a structural-borne sound test followed by our epoxy injection system. 


Some of the most common problems found in structures are: ​

TERSO MR Staff working

Important Note: Custom surface purification for marble, natural stone, and porcelain before premium premium sealer application

Modern & Artisanal Marble
Surface Treatment

  • Factory polish finish

  • Custom​ hone finish

  • Antique finish

  • Delicate and custom surface treatments

  • Meticulous monolithic marble grind

  • Stone stain treatment

We offer exclusive stone preservation services. We provide to our clients premium options depending on the kind of stone finish, stone type and architectural applications.

Luxury marble floor bathroom


TERSO MR® is focusing on the structural integrity by proudly transforming the way luxury marble and porcelain is being supported.

Our brand is providing innovative solutions to complement, beautify, and improve existing luxury natural stone on its architectural application.


Full Protection of Shower & Bathroom

Experience the most value-added investment solutions for your shower and bathroom structures.


  • Evaluate structures to advise and supply a solution.

  • ​Stabilize and reconstruct cracks on marble with UV and water-resistant adhesives.

  • ​Secure loose tiles and slabs​ by seamlessly injecting premium epoxy.

  • Fix broken sill/threshold​ using premium epoxy.

  • Drain water and moisture trapped under tiles​.

  • Repair waterlogged damage​.

  • Resolve shower leaks (Note: unrelated to plumbing).

  • Prepare grout seams for a distinctive look and ultimate performance.

  • Replace silicone around the glass enclosure. 

  • Supply glass door clear plastic seal trip, bottom sweep, and wipes.

  • Apply our "Custom Surface Purification" system.

  • Complement service with a premium sealer application.

Get your new or old shower protected against typical water damage!


Please Note: We advise homeowners to request "TERSO MR® PRESERVE Shower's Superficial Treatment" every two to three years after the initial ESSENTIAL or PREVENTIVE has been completed.