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Shower Stall Leaks (Unrelated to plumbing)

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Luxury bathroom with bathtub and shower

You or probably someone you know may have experienced stressful and inconvenient shower leaks, not to mention costly repair attempts.

When you experience a shower leak, the first thing that comes to mind is that it might be plumbing-related. Well, we have news for you! Shower leaks are not always plumbing-related as it happens; showers have many moving parts and are not water-resistant.

However, we highly recommend having a professional make a thorough Shower Leak Diagnosis to eliminate plumbing-related leaks before further action. Unfortunately, if you have a ”grout” or ”shower pan-related leak,” your only option might be to demolish or reconstruct the shower. We recommend proceeding with caution when ”shower pan-related leaks” occur as the diagnosis.

Based on our experience," shower pan-related leaks" are what we call Waterlogged Showers™, or water-saturated showers. We are here to inform you, the homeowner or property owner, that marble, natural stone, and porcelain showers are not water-resistant no matter who builds them. The most common cause is when water mixed with impurities becomes stagnant under the shower setting base and leaks outside the shower's protective liner.

How can Waterlogged Shower™ be resolved?

The marble, stone, and porcelain industry needs to find ways to construct or implement ways to make showers water-resistant. While that may be a long time coming, we at TERSO MR® are already implementing a system to make your showers water-resistant and more durable while protecting your luxury showers from standard water and impurity damage.

Learn more about TERSO MR® Essential shower repairs, Preventive for your new showers, and Preserve for maintenance.

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