The most significant difficulties our clients have is the endless shower deterioration, which has to be addressed from the source. TERSO MR® has developed solutions systems to resolve and prevent Waterlogged Showers. Our solutions help to better and protect your new and existing premium marble, natural stone, or porcelain in showers and bathrooms. Making showers water-resistant.


$ 15,000+

The process to conserve an existing shower starts from $15,000 and up, a small investment compared to a full remodeling.

Waterlogged Shower Solutions

  •  Consult to fully evaluate the structure.

  • Personalize drying process. 

  • Thoroughly sound test to identify structural movements. 

  • Reinforce and or stabilize the structure.

  • Replace deteriorated grout seams.

  • Custom surface purification.

  • Premium sealer application. 

  • Glass seals and or wipes replacement if necessary.

  • Silicone around the glass enclosure if necessary.

Important Note: Waterlogged Shower it is not the result of poor quality materials, work performance or structural design.


Structural Movement Reinforcement For New Showers 

$ 10,000+

The process to start the conservation of a brand new shower starts from $10,000 and up,  this will ensure no future water damages will occur.

  • Consult to fully evaluate the structure. 

  • Thoroughly sound test to identify structural movements. 

  • Reinforce and or stabilize the structure.

  • Replace grout seams if necessary. 

  • Custom surface purification.

  • Premium sealer application.

  • Inspect silicone around the glass enclosures if necessary.

Important Note: Grout Cracks as the new structure settles. Waterlogged Shower prevention is the best strategy!


$ 3,500+

The process starts from $3,500 and up, recommended service for every two to three years.

Shower Superficial Treatment

  • Custom surface purification

  • Premium sealer application.

  • Glass seal and/or wipe replacement if necessary

  • Silicone  around the glass enclosure if necessary

Important Note: TERSO MR® recommends our Shower’s Superficial Treatment every two to three years, depending on the homeowner's lifestyle and housekeeping methods.

The PRESERVE service only applies two to three years after the initial ESSENTIAL or PREVENTIVE has been completed


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