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Shower Floor Damages

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

The question: Why is my shower floor discolored?

Floor discoloration is an ongoing issue with marble, natural stone, or porcelain showers. While the quick answers are that showers are failing due to improper installation, that is not always the case from our experience, which leads to homeowners never getting the correct answer or proper solution.

You must know your showers are not constructed or made water-resistant, not to confuse with shower waterproof. In the industry, there is not yet a method for installers to build a water-resistant shower, yet there are a lot of ways focusing more on waterproofing, never resolving the water infiltration problem under the materials, which are often misdiagnosed as a shower failure due to improper waterproofing.

Marble Shower

According to the plumbing code, all showers are waterproofed under the stone or porcelain, followed by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) industry requirements and installation recommendations. However, showers are not water-resistant on all the joints or corners perimeters after the shower enclosure naturally settles.

How will you resolve shower discoloration?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a solution provided by the stone or tile industry or the installer. However, at TERSO MR®, we developed a system to repair and protect your showers from water damage permanently. Once your shower is constructed correctly, the solution is a whole other process.

Your one-time shower Repair & Protection encapsulated

The reinforcing and stabilizing structure seamlessly injects premium epoxy; behind the stone or porcelain, followed by proper grout repairs, surface purify, and premium sealer application. With our systems, you will protect your premium materials against frequent water infiltration damage, backed up by our assurance warranty!

At TERSO MR®, we are changing those standards by making your new and old showers water-resistant and more durable. To ensure all the water goes to the drain, not stagnate under the stone, porcelain, or leak outside the protective liner.

Learn more about TERSO MR® Essential shower repairs, Preventive for your new showers, and Preserve for maintenance.

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