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Our Brand Story

Updated: May 26, 2020

In 1995, when TERSO MR ® 's founder Juan G. Flores was introduced to the stone industry, he instantly became fascinated by the beauty of such materials and the great community using it. Giovanni Mancini, a craftsman in the stone industry, became Juan's mentor and inspiration within this industry. Giovanni's motto was to "build things to last an eternity" by creating his methods and standard of installation. Juan describes Giovani's methods and standards as "nothing similar ever seen in all my years in the stone industry."

Juan Flores and Giovanni Mancini
Juan G. Flores (right), Giovanni Mancini (left), mentor, supporter, and friend. TERSO MR ® 's team presented Mr. Mancini (left) with a Mentorship award at New York Build Expo in March of 2020.

In 2004 Juan G. Flores established Terso Marble Restoration, a marble restoration business. In 2016 the company rebranded to TERSO MR®, opening the doors to the challenges homeowners experienced with their elegant marble, natural stone, and porcelain showers. Throughout the years, Juan has conducted experiments and case studies leading to the discovery and solutions for Waterlogged Shower™. Additionally, TERSO MR® has developed Prestige and Personalized solutions systems to help homeowners conserve new and or existing luxury marble, natural stone, and porcelain for a lifetime. By ultimately creating a transformation alternative without having to replace materials and avoiding a messy demolition. 

TERSO MR® has become a lead brand consultant, solution advisor, and marble curator within the stone industry. We have created a culture of passionate team members who strive to make a difference, establish long-lasting connections with respected homeowners and the distinguished professionals in the building industry who are looking to provide their clients genuine and distinctive solutions.

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