Marble Shower Client Scenario

   The client may experience a Waterlogged Shower™, which is saturated water under marble that causes the material to break, stain and fall apart. When homeowners experience a  Waterlogged Shower™ they may seek to unnecessarily replace the shower’s structure. Frequently, homeowners may also contact an expert such as a Stone Supplier, Architect, Designer, Builder and or Installer to seek a solution. 

     The Waterlogged Shower ™ will then be evaluated by the expert. In most scenarios, the expert refers to the client, a marble setter, a restoration company and or a handyman. Moreover, despite efforts, the problem persists, the construction professional recommends TERSO MR® to the client to solve the problem. Finally, a specialist in Waterlogged Shower™ solutions successfully repairs the shower. 


Common Problems found in Waterlogged Showers™:

Moreover, water mixed with impurities will eventually destroy the most durable stone or porcelain in a shower within the first and second year of shower usage. 

For example:

  • Saturated shower will rot away the setting base

  • Impurities trapped under setting base

  • Unpleasant smell in the shower

  • Calcium built-up on shower floor seams

  • Drain weep holes remain clogged due to calcium and other impurities

  • Water wicks up behind the tile wall and flooring

  • Saturated water may loose tiles and or slabs

  • The stone may become permanently stained

  • Saturated water may break marble and or slabs

  • Shower may leak outside protective liner



A Waterlogged Shower ™ takes place within the first and second year after a new construction or remodeling work has been completed. Commonly, a shower may experience signs of saturated water under marble or porcelain substrate.

  • Application of Caulk or silicone on seam perimeters. 

  • Superficial grout touch-ups. 

  • Superficial sealers on top of impurities.

  • Superficial refinish or polish.

  • Superficial stain treatments.

  • Replace loose and damaged tiles/slabs.

Important Note: Homeowners may find exhausting attempting to fix a Waterlogged Shower™. When water builds up under tiles the shower may require the replacement of marble or porcelain.

Waterlogged  Shower™ Solution Phases by TERSO MR®

We advice homeowners to allow the shower to dry one or two weeks prior to the Waterlogged Shower™ solution services by TERSO MR®.

It is vital that we sound test in order to fully reinforce and stabilize loose panels, seams and tiles.

We monitor the drying process, then we will extract impurities trapped under material.

We fix damaged grout seams, shower glass enclosure and perimeter sealants.

We apply our customizable surface purification in preparation for a premium sealer application solution.


Important Note: TERSO MR® creates a barrier to block water and impurities from accessing the shower’s substrate.




The first step is to request TERSO MR® 's consultation services, the next step is to inspect  the shower’s structure. Thirdly, saturated water must be fixed immediately with our Essential System. Finally, after two or three years after shower’s last service, the shower can be protected by using our Preserve Treatment System, Moreover, natural stone can easily indicate a Waterlogged Shower™, unlike man-made materials such as porcelain.

Important Note: Porcelain will not display the source of the tile’s deterioration until the structure is compromised or it requires to be reconstructed.



Stay informed on how to prevent new or existing Waterlogged Showers™. We can assist by identifying  a shower’s structural weak points where water saturation takes place. Moreover, we strongly advise homeowners to invest in our Preventive Structural Reinforcement Package for brand new or remodeled showers. 

Important Note: Waterlogged Shower™ is a common problem, it is not the result of poor quality materials, work performance or structural design. 

TERSO MR® is a  simple, stress-free and solution driven service; thriving to make a difference in the marble and porcelain industry.  Our brand takes pride in its processes and solutions; our goal is to cultivate a strong relationship with companies and clients. As well as provide a world-class experience for them. 







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