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Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Because, TERSO MR® can help conserve your new or existing luxury marble, natural stone, porcelain, showers, and bathrooms by reducing the waste of premium materials while retaining and elevating its value.

We are the brand that specializes in providing essential repairs to resolve the most common, critical, and urgent problems found in your shower enclosures. Making your shower enclosures water-resistant and more durable!

We advise you to focus on showers and bathrooms as these are the areas that need our solutions the most. Nonetheless, other stone or porcelain structures can also benefit from our repair and preservation solutions on a personalized basis.

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What are Some of the TERSO MR® Solutions Benefits?

  • Saves Your Existing Premium Materials

If you like the existing shower or bathroom marble, stone, or porcelain materials and will like to see them in excellent conditions for years to come, our solutions are exclusively for you. 

  • No Need for Demolitions

Consider giving your existing marble and stone materials a second chance; some original materials go with the house or space characteristics

  • Neutralize, Stabilize Structural Settling on New or Existing Structures (secures tiles and slabs in place)

This process is what gives your new or existing marble, stone, or porcelain showers and bathrooms the unmatched value, as it prepares the structure for long term durability. 

  • Stops Grout and Tiles from Cracking (caused by structural settling)

Once the marble, stone, or porcelain materials are neutralized and stable, fissures or grout will not break loose again in the future. 

  • Stops Ongoing Water Damages in Showers (Waterlogged Shower™)

Water damage shower solutions by TERSO MR® are not quick fixes or band-aid fixes; our processes are aimed to conserve your new or existing marble, stone, or porcelain for the long-term. 

  • Resolves Shower Leaks (shower leaks, not related to plumbery)

Leaks as the result of constantly cracked grout due to structure settling or leaks resulting from the water intrusion on deteriorated silicone around glass enclosures. 

Be cautious not to diagnose the problem like a leaking shower pan liner.

Marble & Porcelain shower repaer
  • Reduces or Eliminates Mold and Mildew Growth in Shower

Fissures on marble, stone, and grout materials constantly absorbing water or moisture can lead to the annoying, persistent mold and mildew growth on the surface. 

  • Safe, Healthy Showers and Bathrooms

With our processes, there is no space for bacteria growth in open cracks and fissures.

  • Easy for House Personnel to Upkeep and Maintain

After the conservation process, housekeeping personnel will invest less time trying to upkeep the material's surface.

  • Retains and Improves Value

New or existing marble, stone, or porcelain materials will benefit from our long-term treatments. Retains the integrity and original luxury of the materials. 

  • Finesse your New or Existing Structures

There is more potential than just grouting, sealing the material's surface. For example, we do not recommend using grout or polyester adhesives on exotic translucent materials such as light-colored Onyx, Glassos, Thassos as it creates shadows on seams. 

Avoid using polyester adhesives in water exposed seams as those materials are not UV or moisture resistant and can turn yellow, in time bleeding into the stone. 

  • Beautify your New or Existing Structures

Preserve your existing marble and stone materials in excellent pristine conditions. 

When your materials are brand new is the perfect time to get our personalized support on any initial treatments and learn about future maintenance services.

  • Experience a Distinctive Stress-Free Process

From the moment you contact us, and the second you decide to do business, we strive to provide an easy and stress-free experience. 

  • Personalized Assistance and Service Support

We make it a point to inform you or your house manager personnel on how to care for your new and or existing valuable marble and stone materials to make informed decisions. 

  • TERSO MR® offers a Lifetime Warranty on ESSENTIAL and PREVENTIVE shower solution systems.

Simply request a consultation to evaluate your existing materials, we will help plan for the solutions process. The final result will be a long- lasting structural reinforced shower by TERSO MR®.

While it may have taken years of planning, development, design, and handpicked materials selection to bring your final project to reality, why not invest in conserving it?

TERSO MR® is your alternative to remodeling by conserving the existing marble, stone, or porcelain structures on a select basis. 

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