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The Unique & Remarkable Lecce Stone

One of the things that Italy is known for is its richness of marble and natural stones. We want to introduce you to a fascinating and well-known stone from Italy, Lecce Stone or locally known as "Pietra leccese or leccisu". Suppose you have the opportunity to visit Italy and specifically Salento on the Puglia coast. In that case, you will notice that many of their towns and cities in the region have something familiar in their infrastructure: the Lecce Stone.

This limestone is found in quarries, but it is unique because it becomes rugged and durable once exposed to air and other elements. These characteristics helped them build essential structures in the regions such as monuments, churches, forts and temples, villas, etc.

Years back, the craftsmanship of Lecce Stone had an artistic and historical significance. The beauty and adaptability of this material have always been brought to the attention of architects and sculptors. Nowadays, the lookout for this stone is still intact for architects in the region. Because of its characteristics, many of the projects done in Puglia coast with this beautiful material are made by hand, which is fascinating from construction and architectural perspectives.

Here we leave you some pictures and videos to enjoy it!

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