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Residential Marble, Natural Stone & Porcelain Conservation

Proper conservation should start on the early stages of a completed project 

Why is it very important to properly service and maintain your marble, natural stone, and porcelain?  Conservation starts the moment the installation project is completed, each material requires a different approach of conservation and ongoing service maintenance. Depending on its architectural application as the materials are exposed to water, moisture, freeze, and thaw conditions.

Biodeterioration happens to all marble and stone materials exposed to water, moisture, and outdoor elements. Each year millions of premium materials end up in landfills simply because homeowners found no concrete solutions to conserve the existing materials, we know because through the course we have saved hundreds of luxury showers destined for demolition. 

Marble Shower
Upper West Side TERSO MR Project

The approach should always be to secure the materials in place once they lose bond to the base due to natural structure settling, weather conditions, or the age of the structure. The main focus should be to retain the structural integrity before doing any ongoing superficial treatments such as surface refurbishing or sealer applications. 

Stabilize, neutralize the ongoing deterioration first, then treat the surface with the appropriate solutions.

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