Property owner/homeowener one time TERSO MR® on-site consultation investment


Within the Marble, Natural Stone & Porcelain industry TERSO MR® provides property owners betterment and value enhancement. 


You have already invested a premium on your luxury marble, stone or porcelain materials. You will need the availability of accompanying customer service and genuine solutions (e.g., proper repairs, protection, and maintenance advice, warranty fulfillment, ongoing customer support, estimates for essential repairs, surface care recommendations) 


From our experience, marble or porcelain showers and bathrooms are more service-intensive due to water infiltration than the entire need for reconstruction. 


TERSO MR® saves you money and premium resources, advises on essential repairs and protection, gets you genuine answers. 


Ps. We do not sell or present unnecessary solutions, only the most crucial, if any, recommended worth for you to invest in.


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