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TERSO MR is the most trusted consultants, solution finding, and collaborators for premium Architects, Builders, Designers, Building Management and Stone Suppliers who are looking to provide distinctive value to their clients on the new or existing marble structures.

TERSO MR assist homeowners in the delicate quest to preserving, better managing their new and existing  elegant marble structures further withstand the test of time, thus saving the homeowners valuable sources.

Value Added Solutions
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Is your grout always breaking? TERSO MR permanently corrects, resets loose and unstable marble, natural stone, porcelain tiles and slabs

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Experience the most value-added ROI solutions for your new and existing shower structures

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TERSO MR is the premium choice when it comes to stone surface preservation. We advise our clients on the best service options depending on the kind of finish, the type of material and it's used applications


What Homeowners Must Know About Marble, Porcelain and Natural Stone 

"We know you have always been more than fair, and continue to be. That, coupled with the fact that your work is meticulous, is why we keep coming back to you:)."


Faith Greenfield

Waterlogged showers correction & prevention system by TERSO MR®

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The #1 Problem Homeowners Face

Distinguished marble, natural stone and porcelain Suppliers, Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, and Installers this critical note that we firmly believe will benefit your company and your unique clients.

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Most Trusted

Preferred by our prestigious clients for over 15 years, when looking for long-term or permanent solutions,

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Specialists in Bathroom Preservation 

TERSO MR has a unique and meticulous method to preserve marble, natural stone, and porcelain bathroom

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Premium Sealer Application

Very important, sealer can be a great investment to further preserve marble or natural stone and grout lines.

TERSO MR uses unique preservations 

processes, systems, and methods. Premium adhesives for reinforcement, impregnating sealers, and custom natural purification solutions.


For your convenience, we do "while you are away services" providing a timeless and stressless solutions,


Our Mission 

TERSO MR's mission is help  homeowners reduce the unnecessary waste of valuable marble materials and resources, aiding to preserve the integrity of the new and existing structures by providing  customized solution packages.

Most importantly, to advise the homeowners and their housekeeping personnel on the simplicity of managing, caring for well-preserved marble, natural stone, and porcelain surface. We provide homeowners personalized solutions based on their lifestyle.

Our Vision

TERSO MR's vision is become the leader evaluators of marble structures, focusing only in the solution finding by collaborating with other professionals to bring you the homeowners the utmost results.

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