By personalizing premium solution packages for each client's individual needs

Stabilize, Reset Settling Tiles & Slabs

TERSO MR® permanently transforms new or existing marble, natural stone, porcelain, tiles and slabs. Our solution packages preserve floors and walls long term. Also, our non-invasive solutions will not require to remove tiles or need a demolition. We use structural-borne sound test followed by our epoxy injection system. 


Some of the most common problems found in structures are: ​


  • Fix loose or shifting tiles and slabs

  • Repair structure settling deteriorations 

  • Remove or replace broken and or missing grout


  • Reinforce and repair broken marble

  • Customize prepare grout applications

Modern & Artisanal Marble Surface Treatments

We offer exclusive stone preservation services. We provide to our clients premium options depending on the kind of stone finish, stone type and architectural applications.


  • Factory polish finish


  • Custom hone finish


  • Antique finish


  • Delicate and custom surface treatments


  • Meticulous monolithic marble grind


  • Stone stain treatment


Please note: Custom surface purification for mable, natural stone, and porcelain before premium sealer applications.




Full Preservation of Shower & Bathroom

Experience the most value-added investment solutions for shower and bathroom structures.


  • Evaluate structures to advice and supply a solution package

  • Stabilize and reconstruct cracks on marble

  • Secure loosen tiles and slabs

  • Fix broken sill/threshold

  • Drain water and moist trap under tiles

  • Repair waterlogged damage

  • Prepare grout seams for a distinctive look  and ultimate performance

  • Replace silicone around glass enclosure when needed

  • Supply glass door clear plastic seal trip, bottom sweep, and wipes when needed

  • Apply our “Custom Surface Purification” system 

  • Complement service with a premium sealer application

Please Note: We advise homeowners to request “TERSO MR® Shower’s Superficial Treatment” every two to three years after structure’s preservation treatment.



Do you have any questions or concerns? Please feel free to contact one of our TERSO MR® Representatives. 

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