Reset loose and unstable marble, granite or porcelain tile floor, walls and showers

Our own unique and original method of marble, natural stone, and porcelain stabilization solutions are essential to preserving the integrity for the long-term or permanently of marble showers, floors, walls, and countertops; anywhere the original setting materials have failed, no need to remove tiles.

Repair broken and loose marble

Never repair a loose, unstable slab without adequately stabilizing it first or otherwise repairs will soon break loose again. Our repair methods ensure all repairs are fully stabilized by thoroughly inspecting broken areas, carefully sound testing broken areas to precisely apply our unique stabilization methods.

Remove/replace broken and loose grout

Grouting should not be taken lightly, a failed and poor grout job can destroy a good marble, granite or porcelain installation. We think grout works should be crafted as the fine stitching on a shoe or hand bag which should look neat and also serve a purpose. Poor grout jobs in showers, marble, granite or porcelain tile surfaces that are exposed to constant water or moisture can be disastrous, also never replace or repair grout on a loose untestable marble, granite or porcelain tile floor and walls without stabilizing it first.


  • Never color seal or stain grout as for this is just a short-term solution.

  • Never use caulking in showers or areas exposed to moisture/water, this will only enhance the growth of algae, mold, and mildew.

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