Look for Usual Structural Damages

Structural damages are the root causes of the devalue of marble, porcelain shower, floors, and walls. With many moving parts, all it takes is a slight deflection, expansion, contraction, and temperature changes. Below are just a few natural factors leading to the loss of elegance, premature lifespan, and ongoing problems for showers, floors and wall structures.

  • No solutions to damaged, cracked, broken grout around the shower floor and wall perimeters leads to water, moisture ingress, adding to impurities intrusion behind marble or tiles. Factor in decaying and permanent staining

  • Stubborn algae, mold, and mildew growing in showers grout seams

  • The frustrating loosening, breaking, shifting of marble or tiles slabs

A straightforward consultation for an assessment on your new and old shower or structures exposed to water and moisture can prevent years of ineffective repairs which inevitably leads to the enormous waste of existing valuable materials and funds.

Above all TERSO MR
®, can provide you with clear guidance to long-term preservation of marble and porcelain, tailored for individual needs, but most crucial building valuable and mutual trust relations that will last an entire lifetime.

The results are you can proudly showcase your timeless investment for years to come!


Ordinarily structural settlements happen, which has nothing to do with the quality of materials, work quality or design.

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